Digital X-Rays in Daytona & New Smyrna

PrimeCare has invested in the best medical technology to benefit our patients looking for quick and accurate diagnosis. Digital x-rays, or digital radiography, is one of these newer technologies that offers many benefits to our patients.

Learn more about the benefits of digital x-rays, now available at our Daytona and New Smyrna locations.

What is a Digital X-Ray?

Most people are familiar with radiography for the screening or diagnosing of a variety of health issues such as pneumonia, certain injuries, abnormal masses, foreign objects, and more. Many medical practices still utilize old radiography technology that involves the patient wearing a large lead apron and clunky machinery to get imagery.

The primary difference of digital X-rays vs traditional x-rays is that the x-rays are no longer on a sheet of film, but rather through a device that creates an electronic image. These electronic images or digital files can be referenced within seconds, and the images can be enlarged without loss of image quality to aid in the diagnosis of smaller issues traditional film may miss.

But what about radiation? How does digital compare to standard x-rays in terms of radiation?

Digital X-Ray Radiation Exposure

For those patients who are concerned about radiation from x-rays, you’ll be pleased to know that digital x-rays produce 80% less radiation than traditional, film-based x-rays. Even though traditional x-rays are considered safe, this newer technology also boasts this benefit.

Ultimately, the quality of the x-ray is everything and digital x-rays are the best option for diagnosing and creating timely treatments. Visit PrimeCare today at one of our convenient locations.

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